Course Eligibility and Apply

  1. First check if you are eligible (no commitment, no fees at this stage)
    • Confirm your interest to either Payap University or your home University
    • Your eligibility to attend the course will be checked by Payap University and your home University
    • You will receive confirmation that you are eligible
  1. Confirm that you wish to officially apply for the international semester abroad program
    • Complete the application form either via Payap University or at your home University
    • Your application will be reviewed
    • You will receive confirmation that your application has been accepted
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Course Acceptance and What Happens Next

3. What happens at Payap University once you submit an application form

  • After your application has been reviewed, if accepted, you will be informed via email, as will your home university.
  • Your home university confirm your application as officially accepted.
  • Once Payap University has received confirmation from your home university then we will send a visa letter ans acceptance letter.

4. What happens at your home university once you submit an application form

    • You will be required to pay the fees to your home University
    • You will receive a receipt for your payment
    • You will receive confirmation that you are registered on the international semester abroad program.

4. What should you do next?

    • Once your acceptance and visa letters have arrived you need to visit the nearest Royal Thai Embassy / Consulate
    • You need to take your passport, student visa letter and some other required documents to apply for a student visa for Thailand
    • Please check you have the correct documents before you visit.
    • Once you receive your student visa then you can purchase flight tickets.
    • If you arrive in the daytime then we can help you get from Chiang Mai International Airport to your campus accommodation.
    • Please let us know your arrival time in advance.


Your first and primary contact will be  representative at your home university.
We are here to help – we are happy to assist you if you wish to communicate with someone at Payap University.

Here are two contact details:
Study Abroad Advisor, Wutthichula Khunpatwattana (Ajarn Gai)
Can help you on the application process.

Head of ISAP program, Dr James Langteau 
Can help you on program information 

Contact Times

Important stages of your application will involve email notification so it is assumed that you will regularly check your email and have read the information.

Please remember Thailand has a different time zone! If you are in America for example and you phone someone in Thailand in the afternoon (your time) then they will be asleep as it is the middle of the night.

payap international students