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Studying in Thailand

The undergraduate degree in Thailand last 4 years, two standard semesters per academic year, and students take four to six subjects per semester (normally five subjects at 3 credits each). These units are either related to the subjects of that department or general education units such as for lifestyle, language and important life skills.

 All courses in the International College are offered in English and thus require a level of English proficiency, meaning American students engage in the classroom with Thai and International students. Diversity is a benefit for your studies and experience so embrace it.


  • Course are taught in English
  • Lessons are taught by qualified instructors
  • Subjects are graded, there is coursework and there are exams
  • Semester is 15 weeks of classes excluding exams periods
  • Normal morality applies (no plagiarism, no cheating, no inappropriate behavior)
  • You are considered responsible for your studies and your stay
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Ensure you get credit

The International Semester Abroad Program has confirmed an agreement with your host University thus allowing you to enroll on any of the appropriate courses with the award of credit for your degree when you pass the semester abroad course.

The relevant courses for the semester abroad program involve students on the standard degree program that is accredited by the US education system, meaning lessons are regarded as the same standard as in America.

To ensure you get credit, confirm your course is acceptable for credit transfer with your home university.

Choosing a course

Students are able to choose from a wide selection of courses at the Payap University International College although it is recommended that you study in subjects related to your normal study area. The International College’s academic departments include business, communications, technology and tourism and hospitality.

Course Selection

Stage 1:

  • Initially select 8 courses in order of preference.
  • choose the relevant subjects and year of study
  • state the course code and description*
  • review your course selections with your academic advisor in order to ensure that your credits will transfer.
  • confirm your initial course preferences.

Stage 2:

  • You will study 4 or 5 five units.
  • You can choose your subjects at enrollment when the semester timetable is finalized, thus ensuring there are no timetable conflicts.

*The course code reflects the department (e.g. IT) and the year of study (e.g. 314 is a year 3 course)

Registration for courses occurs late towards the start of the semester. Courses are offered annually either in semester one or semester two, but not both. It is recommended that you first check the department study plan, the courses offered previously and check to see if your courses of choice are offered in the semester of your stay.

You should choose your courses, check if they are in the correct semester and submit your preferences. The official enrolment on each course will occur at the beginning of the semester.

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Course Information

All International courses taught in English can be found at the following links:


For information on the courses offered from these departments please visit the courses page.