Before Your Visit

What to pack


  • Passport
  • visa
  • Arrival instructions
  • Airline tickets
  • Insurance documents


  • formal clothing for the classroom
  • relaxed clothing for a hot environment
  • light footwear
  • clothes suitable for rainy season (June-October)
  • Thailand has many outlets for cheap or fashionable clothes
what to pack
student computer

Toiletries / Cosmetics

Chiang Mai has many shopping malls that offer the same products as outlets in the US.


The voltage system in Thailand is different. You will need to use an adapter for any electronic goods that you bring. Check online for comments from others if you are unsure about the differences.

Cell phones: you should contact your cell phone service provider if you can use your phone here and if there are any additional charges. Some students purchase a Thai SIM card for local communications.

Bring your phone charger!


Other products like mosquito repellent you can buy here.


  • passport
  • student visa
  • airline tickets
  • health
    • insurance
    • medication needs
    • vaccinations
    • protection (e.g. mosquitoes bite)
  • emergency contact details
  • cell phones
  • plugs on electronic equipment / adapter needs
  • money
    • spending money (Thai Baht is the currency in Thailand)
    • debit and credit cards are accepted in Thailand
  • travel insurance
    • in Thailand & you may travel elsewhere
  • clothes
    • dress appropriately on campus and when visiting immigration and attractions (e.g. temples)
    • weather variation (hot, rainy and the milder season)
  • language
    • a little Thai goes a long way!
payap student