Program Details


The International semester abroad program provides an opportunity for American students to explore Thailand and experience a slice of Southeast Asia.

We offer not just a strong academic program at a beautiful campus, but we also provide dynamic opportunities for fun and exploration.

Modern shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops welcome you. Relax, visit the elephant sanctuary or enjoy activities such as rafting or zip-lining through the jungle How would you like to enjoy one semester?


Impotant Issues


International travel requires a valid passport. Passport applications can take time so it is crucial you apply for a passport as soon as possible. If your passport is due to expire you will need to renew it, remember you will need the passport to be valid at the end of your studies when you return home.

Student Visa

You are required by law to have a student visa. You apply before you come although we can provide some of the necessary documents to help you.

Please ask for asssitance with your student visa during your visit as regulations can change. We will assist you throughout your visit.



Although most medication is available in Thailand check with you health professional before traveling to Thailand to identify considerations if you require medication.

Health concerns

If you have any health concerns then please discuss these at the beginning of your application.


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Other Information

Important Dates (academic year 2020/2021)

Semester 1: 17th August 2020 to December 2020

Semester 2: 11th January 2021 to May 2021


Please pay your home University

Withdrawal from the program

You can withdraw your application at any time before you pay your course fees. The course fees are non-refundable.

Your Details

In Thailand your name is assumed to be the name on your passport (including middle names). If you spell your name with characters (like accents or hyphens), or use any other form of your name, you must be consistent. All of your details should be the same throughout your application and visit (name, home address, date of birth etc.). Please notify us in writing of any changes